The Perks of Dating a Single Parent

There`s a lot of information on the `net about how/when/if to date a single parent, and just as much content f{pb}ocuses on how to get back into the dating game after divorce, kids, or both. But who actually talks about the perks of dating single moms and dads? So here is my personal list of the perks of dating a single parent. If you think I`ve missed an important point, then its your turn to add some perks in the comment field. A single parent is less likely to waste your time, since they (probably) had to pay for child care or have their ex watch their child(ren) to go on a date with you. Most single parents won`t be pushing for a serious relationship early on, so as to avoid having their child(ren) involved unnecessarily. On the flip side of the last perk, if the single parent you are dating has sole or shared custody, you can safely assume their commitment issues are minimal to nonexistent. Single parents are some of the most patient people out there. They are also - by necessity - some of the most organized. Becoming a parent is an evolutionary process; it changes people. Caring, tenderness, reliability and stability are all traits that, if not held prior to having kids, frequently appear after having children. Single parents just don`t have time for drama. You`ll find few that play games. You know that if a single parent wants to move towards a serious relationship with you, they`ve really vetted the relationship before taking the next step. Once bitten, twice shy lends itself well to this example.

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